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Couple Hiking Outdoor

It started on a mountain with broken glass, a lost gin and a perfect moment missed.
As the sun set, a promise was made to return with an unbreakable bottle. We
brought our idea home ready to turn our dream into a reality. Twelve months and
a world in lock down later we did! Armed with our very own delicious gin in an
unbreakable stainless-steel bottle we sat on a mountain side and toasted a perfect
sunset with an Oxtown!

We are two individuals with a passion for great gin and an outdoor life whether it's
high adventure or chilling out after a hard days walk, climb or kayak. Our founder
is Louise: she is a scientist who loves experimenting, pushing the boundaries and
creating a great gin with skill, belief and passion. Her number two is Christiaan he
yomps and carries the tent and wishes he could be more like Louise.

Oxtown is more than just great tasting Gin. We stand for Adventure, freedom and
sustainability. So please join us in the wilderness, at a festival, in a bar or just
relaxing at home. Bring friends or come alone and safely enjoy the refreshing
taste of Oxtown anywhere and everywhere. There is nowhere Oxtown can’t go!

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