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OXTOWN The Spirit Of Adventure

Refreshing, Sustainable, Unbreakable


Oxtown Gin comes in an Eco Gin Pouch along with a  Stainless Steel Reusable Bottle. 

This versatile combination allows you more control and freedom to fill your unbreakable bottle to your own personal requirments.


Here at Chapel Lane Distillery, we’re keen to lessen our environmental impact. That’s why we’ve developed the reusable bottle and refill pouch system. You can keep refilling the bottle using our pouches then simply send the pouch back via pre-paid postage to be recycled.

Traditionally distilled with a blend of eleven botanicals. Dry with crisp juniper and bright
citrus taste.


  • Reusable Bottle 
  • Eco Gin Pouch
  •  50cle
  •  41% ABV 
  • Return empty pouch back to us through our FREEPOST system so it can be recycled  responsibly
  • For every pouch sold we will plant a tree!

OXTOWN GIN The Spirit Of Adventure

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